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Born in England to a British mother and a Bajan father the host is a duel citizen of both the UK and Barbados. Although living and schooled between the two Countries the majority of his time was brought up in the then deprived area of Manningham, Bradford in West Yorkshire, England.
Not academically gifted but with an infectious personality and an obviously talent for art and creativity he scraped through his schooling and left at 16 to continue his education in the streets of the university of life.

Growing up fast and quickly gained notoriety or becoming an expert in every field he ever passionately pursued he know turns his undivided attention to the art of Manaking.

On 29th Feb 2016 after a long period trying to trying to but failing to come to terms with devastating series of life shattering events he committed a serious attempt on his own life. Behind a locked hotel room of a city centre Bradford hotel he committed suicide which for a brief moment left him dead.
Through a series of unexplained coincidences, the concerned and the fast actions of local police officers emergency services he was located and revived on the scene where he spent the next 7 days hospitalised between general infirmary and a psychiatric unit.

Although he survived the suicide attempt he has been severely traumatized by the event and now uses his art as an outlet and stabilizing factor as he embraces his new and second chance at life.

With no formal training Manaking writes, plays and creates all of his own music and art. He can not read music and has self taught the instruments he uses through a series of patterns and hacks and describes himself more as an artist than a musician.
He classifies his musical genre as simply ‘Crossover’ and his unique fusion of rock/rap also takes from other influences such as classical. His controversial live performances bring together both sounds and visual elements in an explosion of highly charged and emotive artistic expression that is sure to leave the audience speechless but wanting more.
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Song writing from an early age, Manaking form and fronted his first band ‘Kudos’. The band consisting of James ‘Bim’ Johnson (Guitar), Nicolas Blacker (Bass) and Seon King (drums).This ahead of it’s time crossover fusion of rock and rap  is largely responsible in sculpting and developing the sounds of Manaking heard today . After only a couple of years together and a hand full of live gigs the then young members of Kudos split away into their individual lives and projects.  

While recording demos at Voltage Studio the owner Tim Walker sampled the vocals off one of the ‘Kudos’ songs to use in his own band project Worm. Manaking was then invited to help perform this song live which marked the beginning of the Manaking / Worm relationship as their adopted frontman which for the most part consisted of Manaking wildly Ad-libbing live over pre existing instrumental Worm tracks. Almost 20 years later Manaking still remains with the band (“his side bitch”), although the act now only performs on special occasions. Have you been Wormed? Worm website

“Worm formed in ’97 as an electronic studio experiment. The metal guitars soon crept in and with the addition of ‘Manaking’ on vocals they became a ground-breaking live act. They then released two studio albums through Voltage Records / PHD worldwide and were highly praised in the UK music press.”

Born 1st March 2016. The World will never be the same again.




Favourite Bands, Artists and Influences.
Although I do not claim to have any particular ‘Influence'(outside of Mike Patton), here are a list of my favourite Bands & Artists and ‘humans’ that have provided many a soundtrack or inspirations along my life’s journeys.

Michael Allan Patton.
Faith No More.
My Chemical Romance.
Smashing Pumpkins.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi.
All American Rejects.
Limp Bizkit.
Pearl jam.
Operation Ivy.
G Love and the special sauce.
Foo Fighters.
Nine Inch Nails.
Cyndi Lauper.
Massive Attack.
Hed PE.
Nikola Tesla.

Emilie Autumn.
David Bowie.