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The Artist.

A highly original and unique solo independent concept artist delivering an addictive blend of audio and visual stimulations entangled and enfused into cryptic manifestations of a ultra creative yet troubled mind. Taking many forms Manaking's art works utilise words, pictures, film, performance and music. Nothing is safe, nothing is out of bounds.

The Story.

Broken by a lifetime of deceit and betrayal this shattered human looking for a way to stop the pain gave up on a life he no longer wanted. From deep within a formless spirit heard his cries and forged a deal with him to manage his pain by capturing and using its 'Mana' as a fuel for its creations in exchange for a physical form which would allow him to operate in this world. The human gladly accepted and agreed to become nothing more than that of a host to house the arrival of this ancient and mischievous spirit that takes the name Manaking - (pronounced 'Mannequin')

The Show.

More than just your average live music gig Manaking has a band made up of Mannequins he calls Band 4Q and his shows deliver high intensity performance combining raw yet engaging vocals with captivating on stage presence, movement and visual stimulus. It is strongly advised that all audience members are 18+ and not easily offended most performances as standard contain explicit language and 'The Fokt Show' performances may also contain imagery of a violent and or sexual nature.

The Music.

Musically Manaking's works are hard to catogorise and because his style mixes various elements such as rock, rap he refers to his 'genre' in this area as simply crossover. That being said if you are one of these people that needs to forever try to fit everything you encounter into neat little labeled catorgories try to think of Manaking's music as: --- Beastie Boys ‘meets’ Marilyn Manson --- Massive Attack ‘meets’ Nine Inch Nails --- Rage Against the Machine ‘meets’ Faith No More --- Eminem ‘meets’ Snot --- Tupac ‘meets’ Operation Ivy --- Hed PE 'meets' Nostradamus!!

Listen or Download Debut EP Now !!!

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Join my FanAttic

3 Voices In My Head.

  • Manaking

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: ManakingPlace Of Birth: the mind Inside


    My vision, My sound, My World, My Stories, My Music, My Art as channeled through my living breathing Host SMLK whom I give Tomorrow. All for your viewing & listening entertainment.

    The Host

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: SMLKNick Name: THE HOSTPlace Of Birth: ENGLAND, UK


    This is my vehicle his Pain & Experiences Fuel my very existence and creativity. We cannot be parted Without SMLK there is no Manaking as without Me there can be no SMLK. Protect the Host.


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: MalassesPlace Of Birth: THE DARKNESS


    This Powerful Force takes the name of Malasses. It's only purpose is the constant pursuit and destruction of the host. Malasses promised to kill SMLK again one day, Only my Mana keeps him at bay.

  • 4Q

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: The Band 4Q


    This is my band. Sculpted out of the frozen ocean of salty tears spilled by the pain and sufferings of countless beings both past & present. They will stand silently behind me. They are not for you, they are 4Q.

  • Think... Beastie Boys 'meets' Marilyn Manson - Massive Attack 'meets' Nine Inch Nails - Rage Against The Machine 'meets' Faith No More - Eminem 'meets' Snot - Tupac 'meets' Operation Ivy!

  • 'The Marilyn Manson of Rap'

  • New and Unlike anything before it. Don't be surprised if this Artist hits the scene with Sex Pistol impact for the modern era.

  • Not sure whether to be Entertained or Afraid. This is more than just music, this is Dangerous.

  • The Most Original Act I have ever seen on my stage...period!

    Sound Engineer


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EventsLive Performances

Manaking - Live In Manchester.

Live at Rebellion in Manchester. Manaking joins x3 other bands to provide a rocking nights entertainment at one of Manchesters premium rock venues. Hear all Manaking songs from his debut EP 'My Name Is Bedroom 7' (available for purchase on Spotify, iTunes and many more) plus a number of yet unreleased titles!

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Debut EPAvailable Now!

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Features demo tracks: The Boredom Kills, Overview, Kemical! and Formal Introduction To The Band 4Q.

Manaking T-Shirts also available for purchase.

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Manaking Live at The Star & Garter in Manchester as he plays opening support for veteran The Kings Blues frontman ITCH. Manaking will perform all…

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